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The themed gallery “The History and Development of Hong Kong Customs in the past 100 years (香港海關 – 百年光影)” comprises 3 main exhibition areas:


Displays the chronicle of China Customs, Hong Kong Customs and Chinese Maritime Customs (Kowloon Customs).

Gateway (Photo) (Opens a new window)

Time Tunnel

Displays the department's development in the past 100 years and its significant roles at different eras.

Time Tunnel (Photo) (Opens a new window)

Main Gallery

Comprises one thematic section and six sections on customs' work areas.

(A) The thematic section “Protection of Endangered Species” displays seizure of endangered species and significant cases.

(B) Six sections are :

Six Sections of the Main Gallery (Photo) (Opens a new window)


10/F, 222 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

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