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The Dangerous Drugs Ordinance was enacted to empower the Preventive Service in combating transnational drug smuggling activities. In the same year, the Preventive Service, for the first time, seized heroin.


The Government started levying duties on petrol. In 1939, diesel was subject to regulation as well.


Toilet preparations and medicated spirits became dutiable commodities until 1959.


Preferential Tariff System was introduced in Hong Kong. The Imports and Exports Department implemented the system of Certificate of Origin, benefiting the local industries with the low tariff for export to western countries.


Sheung Shui Revenue Station went into operation. Upon commissioning of this first outstation, the Preventive Service strengthened nocturnal inspections of licensed distilleries, clamped down on illicit distillation activities, searched the train for contrabands.

Facing New Challenges (1921 - 1937)