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Duties were imposed on table waters until 1973.


The Preventive Service was reinstalled to assist the control of supplies such as rice.

The Hong Kong Government abolished the Opium Monopoly, classifying opium as a dangerous drug.


The China-Hong Kong Anti-smuggling Agreement was made to enhance cooperation between the China Customs and the Preventive Service in combating the rampant smuggling activities in the vicinity of the Hong Kong waters.


The United Nations' measure of food rationing ended. The Imports and Exports Department was renamed the Commerce and Industry Department. Its branch, the Preventive Service, resumed the responsibilities of import and export control, revenue protection and anti-smuggling operations etc.


The Hong Kong Government imposed an embargo against North Korea, prohibiting any goods from being exported to North Korea.

The Hong Kong Government amended the Importation and Exportation Ordinance to impose stringent control on of strategic commodities.


Industrial methyl alcohol was abused to adulterate liquors, resulting in casualties after consumption. The Preventive Service therefore started to regulate and levy duties on methyl alcohol to safeguard public health. Duty on methyl alcohol was once abolished between 1972 and 1976.

Vitality in the Midst of Critical Times (1937 - 1963)