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Report information

    (i)  Relating to unfair trade practices
    (ii) Relating to false trade descriptions on goods or services

In order to let the enforcement agency effectively make a fair and reasonable assessment on whether any follow-up action needs to be taken, informants are invited to fill in the specified Report Form (Opens a new window) and send by

Post: Hong Kong General Post Box 1166

Fax: (852) 2543 4942


While we shall look into the information given, our investigator may or may not contact you for further information. In case a witness statement is required from you, our investigator will fix an appointment with you for an interview in our office. The information you provided to this department will help us detect possible offence committed by the trader concerned, irrespective of the findings and outcome on this particular case.

In pursuance to section 17(2) of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance, this department is forbidden from disclosing any information obtained in the investigation, including the factors concerned in drawing of conclusion. If you need assistance, please call Information Hotline (24-hour) (852) 2545 6182.

General Enquiry

For enquiry on general information, please contact us through general enquiry.

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