Assistant Trade Controls Officer of Hong Kong Customs preliminarily tests positive for COVID-19

15 Jul 2020

Hong Kong Customs today (July 15) learned that an Assistant Trade Controls Officer has preliminarily tested positive for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The officer works at an office located at 20/F, Trade and Industry Tower, Concorde Road, Kai Tak, Kowloon. The concerned floor is not a public floor and is not open to the public. Apart from working at the office, the officer is also responsible for visiting traders' premises to conduct trade inspections and certificate verifications.

He last performed his duties yesterday (July 14) and felt unwell in the evening. He was transferred to a hospital after seeking medical treatment at a private clinic and was notified this morning to have preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19. The officer has been treated under isolation in the hospital and is in stable condition.

The officer concerned has no recent travel history. He has been wearing surgical masks when performing duties both in and outside the office and has properly maintained social distancing with people he has had contact with. His body temperature was normal when undergoing temperature screening during work.

Customs has been closely co-operating with the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) on the CHP's epidemiological investigations. The colleagues working with the officer are asymptomatic. Customs has liaised with the CHP for arranging those officers to undergo COVID-19 testing. The concerned floor has also been arranged to undergo a thorough cleaning and sterilisation.

Hong Kong Customs is highly concerned about the epidemic of COVID-19 and has remained highly vigilant since the epidemic broke out. Relevant hygienic measures for infectious diseases provided by the CHP have been strictly adopted. All officers have their body temperatures checked before performing their duties. They are also required to wear proper personal protective equipment.

Customs has stepped up the cleaning and sterilising measures for all working locations and will remind all officers to strictly comply with the hygienic measures of infectious diseases provided by the CHP. The officers will also be reminded to consult a doctor promptly if they have any discomforting symptoms.

Ends/Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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