Hong Kong Customs detects gold smuggling case again within one week and seizes suspected smuggled gold worth about $10 million (with photos)

11 Sep 2020

Hong Kong Customs yesterday (September 10) detected the second gold smuggling case of this year and seized 20 pieces of suspected smuggled gold weighing about 20 kilograms in total with an estimated market value of about $10 million at Lok Ma Chau Control Point. This was also another gold smuggling case detected by Customs within a week.

Customs officers intercepted an incoming lorry at Lok Ma Chau Control Point for inspection yesterday and found the batch of suspected smuggled gold concealed inside a specially made waistband and a pair of jeans with specially made compartments that the driver was wearing. The 51-year-old male driver was arrested.

Investigation is ongoing.

With the recent rise in the gold price, precious metals may become tools for investment and hedging again. Together with the stringent regulations imposed on the trading, import and export of gold on the Mainland, Customs will not rule out the possibility that people therefore arranged for the transport of gold into Hong Kong to cash out.

Customs will continue to take stringent enforcement action against cross-boundary smuggling activities through risk assessment and intelligence analysis.

Smuggling is a serious offence. Under the Import and Export Ordinance, any person found guilty of importing or exporting unmanifested cargo is liable to a maximum fine of $2 million and imprisonment for seven years.

Members of the public may report any suspected smuggling activities to Customs' 24-hour hotline 2545 6182 or its dedicated crime-reporting email account (crimereport@customs.gov.hk).

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