Members of the public are reminded to report unfair trade practices to Hong Kong Customs

11 May 2016

Members of the public are reminded to report to Hong Kong Customs when they encounter unfair trade practices. In view of the receipt of a number of referrals from District Councillors on unfair trade practices employed by unscrupulous traders in fitness and beauty industries, the department invited Councillors of all 18 District Councils and their staff members to attend a seminar held today (May 11).

The content of the fair trading sections under the Trade Descriptions Ordinance (TDO) was explained in detail at the seminar. To assist the department to take enforcement action effectively, participants were advised on handling allegation of unfair trade practices they should remind the complainant, among other points to note, to keep the relevant documents and provide the case details. Booklets on cases of TDO were also distributed to participants so as to strengthen their understanding of the Ordinance.

According to the TDO, any trader who adopts unfair trade practices, including making false trade descriptions in relation to products, misleading omissions, aggressive commercial practices as well as bait and switch, commits an offence. The maximum penalty upon conviction is a fine of $500,000 and imprisonment for five years.

Members of the public may report suspected violations of the TDO to Customs by calling the 24-hour hotline 2545 6182.

Ends/Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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