´╗┐Road Cargo System on trial run starting today (with photo)

29 Mar 2010

The Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) today (March 29) launched a trial run of the Road Cargo System (ROCARS), an electronic system designed to facilitate customs clearance of road cargoes, to help industry stakeholders familiarise themselves with the use of ROCARS before the start of the 18-month transitional period.

"During the trial run, all the functions of the ROCARS will be available for use to the stakeholders and real cargo data are required for Customs clearance under the new system," a C&ED spokesman said.

The trial run will last about two months, after which an 18-month transitional period will start before ROCARS is formally introduced.

During both the trial run and the transitional period, industry players can choose to submit electronic cargo information in advance via the ROCARS or continue to rely solely on the current practice of submitting paper manifests for Customs clearance purposes. Upon the expiry of the transitional period, submissions by electronic means through ROCARS for all imports and exports of road cargo will become mandatory.

"Upon the inception of ROCARS, all cross-boundary trucks using the system, except those selected for inspection, will enjoy seamless customs clearance. In order to enjoy fast and convenient customs clearance services, industry players engaged in the handling of cross-boundary road cargoes, including shippers, freight forwarding agents and truck drivers, are reminded to register and use the ROCARS as early as possible," the spokesman said.

Details of the ROCARS can be found at the website www.rocars.gov.hk . Enquiries can be made by calling the ROCARS hotline at 3669 0000.

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