´╗┐Customs centenary exhibition opens to public (with photo)

15 Sep 2009

The Customs and Excise Department Centennial Exhibition, one of the activities organised by the department to celebrate its centenary this year, was officially opened to public today (September 15).

Held from September 15 to 17 at the Exhibition Hall of Hong Kong City Hall, 1/F, Low Block, Central, the exhibition aims to enhance public understanding of Hong Kong's Customs service through a review of the department's work and services.

The exhibition features a "time tunnel" and various booths illustrated with historical photos and exhibits. By strolling along the "tunnel", visitors will see the significant stages of development of Hong Kong Customs over the past 100 years. Eight officers in uniforms of different stages of the Customs are also displayed to mark the milestones in the history of the department - how it has evolved from a humble "tax collector" to one of the most efficient and highly regarded customs services in the world.

The exhibition also showcases the department's six major service areas - revenue protection and collection, anti-narcotics investigation, control and enforcement, intellectual property rights protection, consumer protection and trade controls. Another exhibition section features the major cases detected by Customs in recent years.

Admission is free. Opening hours of the exhibition are as follows:

September 15 2pm - 8pm
September 16 10am - 8pm
September 17 10am - noon

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