Customs seizes over 1,000 hard disks in Lok Ma Chau

27 Aug 2004

Customs officers yesterday (August 26) foiled a smuggling attempt involving 1,230 hard disks, worth about $370,000, in Lok Ma Chau with the assistance of the Vehicle X-ray Inspection System.

At about 10.15pm, Customs officers intercepted and searched a lorry which was declared to be empty and was about to leave Hong Kong. With the assistance of the Vehicle X-ray Inspection System, Customs officers found the bottom part of the cargo compartment altered with 14 rows of holes for concealing 110 cartons containing a total of 1,230 hard disks. Nylon threads had been stuck on the innermost cartons inside the holes for easy retrieval of the hard disks. Customs officers also arrested a 45-year-old male driver.

A spokesman for the Customs and Excise Department said today Customs officers would continue to stay vigilant and conduct rigorous enforcement action against cross-boundary smuggling activities.

Anyone found exporting unmanifested cargo will be charged under the Import and Export Ordinance with "attempting to export unmanifested cargoes". Upon conviction, the maximum penalty is a fine of $2 million and seven years' imprisonment. The smuggled goods and the vehicle involved are liable to forfeiture.

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