HK/US Customs joint factory observation visits to start on Oct 25

11 Oct 2004

Hong Kong and United States Customs officers will conduct a series of joint factory observation visits starting from October 25.

"This is the 14th round of joint factory visits since 1996 and the trade should be familiar with the operation by now," the Head of Trade Controls of the Customs and Excise Department, Mr Raymond Wong Yum-man, said today (October 11).

"The joint visits are part of our enhanced co-operation with the US to combat illegal transshipment of textiles and clothing.

"This will keep the US up to date with our textiles export-control arrangements. It is believed that a better understanding among the US officers of our efforts will enhance mutual co-operation and effectiveness in combating illegal textiles transshipment," Mr Wong said.

The joint-visit teams, comprising Hong Kong and US Customs officers, will visit only textiles factories which have given prior consent.

"Joint-visit team members will not undertake any enforcement activities during the visits," Mr Wong said. "If necessary, any enforcement activities will be undertaken by Hong Kong Customs officers independently and separately from the visits."

The visits, starting from October 25, will last for about three weeks. Detailed arrangements have been announced by the Trade and Industry Department separately through a Notice to Exporters cum Certificate of Origin Circular.

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