Hong Kong Customs' Co-Op Platform receives Smart Business (Solution for Business and Public Sector Enterprise) Bronze Award at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2022 (with photo)

16 Nov 2022

The Community Isolation Facilities Collaboration and Operation (Co‐Op) Platform developed by Hong Kong Customs has received the Smart Business (Solution for Business and Public Sector Enterprise) Bronze Award at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2022. The awards presentation ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre today (November 16). The Awards, established in 2006 and steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, aim at recognising outstanding information and communication technology inventions and applications and encouraging commercial and public organisations to strive for excellence and develop innovative and effective solutions, to benefit the community.

Facing the rampant fifth wave of the epidemic at the beginning of this year, the Government within a short period significantly increased community isolation facilities (CIFs) and Customs is responsible for managing the CIF in Yuen Long Tam Mei. To cater for the needs of persons under isolation and facilitate communication between the occupants and staff, Customs made good use of technology to develop the Co-Op Platform which enables persons under isolation to check into the isolation facilities, receive instant information, order meals and request supplies by simply scanning a QR code with their mobile phones. Staff can also follow up immediately after receiving the requests, enhancing efficiency.

Developed with cloud technology, the Co-Op Platform can expand its capacity when the epidemic is severe and can be switched to a hibernated mode when the epidemic eases. It can also be reactivated within a short time to support the Government's "mobilisation protocol" in case of emergency and provide immediate and appropriate support to persons under isolation.

The Co-Op Platform has been adopted in other CIFs and has handled millions of requests by persons under isolation so far. Customs will continue to review and enhance its features, add more humanised elements and streamline operational workflows to achieve seamless communications, efficient operation and interconnection.

Customs extends its gratitude to the organiser for presenting the award to the Co-Op Platform. The award commends and recognises Customs' contributions and efforts in combating the epidemic and serving the public with the help of technology. Customs will continue its hard work and dedication to providing better public services with its spirit of serving the public as the top priority and with boundless innovation.

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