Hong Kong Customs seizes suspected law-breaking shower gels and household cleaning products from chain retailing group

8 Apr 2021

Hong Kong Customs today (April 8) seized a batch of 14 models of suspected law-breaking shower gels, household cleaning detergents and clothing bleaches from various premises of a chain retailing group. The product information marked on the packages of the products involved failed to bear bilingual warnings or cautions with respect to their safe keeping, use, consumption or disposal, suspected to be in contravention of the Consumer Goods Safety Regulation, a subsidiary legislation of the Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance.

An investigation is ongoing and the likelihood of more arrests is not excluded.

Customs strongly condemns any false accusation maliciously alleging that its law enforcement action against the trader is "repression". For the sake of public interest, the department will make a public announcement on details of the case tomorrow (April 9) and alert the public on the suspected law-breaking products. Customs will take all necessary action, under which decisive law enforcement action will be taken if any suspected violation is found.

Ends/Thursday, April 8, 2021

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