Red and Green Channel System runs smoothly

1 Nov 2005

The Red and Green Channel System, a new mode of customs clearance, is smoothly implemented at all sea, land and air control points, the Head of Control Points Command, Mr Ko Chi-lok said today (November 1).

"Hong Kong Customs observes that most of the local and overseas passengers, including those from the Mainland, are quite familiar with the declaration procedure, and could adapt to the new clearance system in place here in Hong Kong," Mr Ko said, noting similar passenger clearance system was widely adopted worldwide.

So far, a great majority (well over 90 per cent) of arriving passengers went through the Green Channel for customs declaration. To guard against abuses, Customs officers had selected passengers passing through the Green Channel, based on risk management, for baggage examination at a Customs Clearance Cubicle.

He said that whenever Customs officers came across passengers unfamiliar with the system, they would guide those passengers to select an appropriate channel.

To widely promote the Red and Green Channel System, Hong Kong Customs has launched a publicity programme, covering a TV Announcement in the Public Interest (API), a radio API, distribution of leaflets and display of posters at all control points.

Under the new mode, incoming passengers are required to select an appropriate channel for customs declaration, that is, either the "Red Channel" or the "Green Channel" when they arrive at the Customs clearance area.

Passengers should go through the Red Channel to make declaration to Customs officers if they are:

They should go through the Green Channel if they are:

At the Red Channel, passengers are required to:

Passengers at the Green Channel are liable to:

The public can obtain details of the Red and Green Channel System, duty free concession and the list of common prohibited/controlled goods by browsing the Hong Kong Customs website at or call the Customs enquiry hotline at 2815 7711.

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