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Q.1What items are taxable on import into the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and what items are subject to export tax?

In general, imports into HKSAR are tax-free except:

There is no tax or excise duty on exports from HKSAR.

Q.2How can I bring my pet dog, cat, or a live animal into HKSAR?

In HKSAR, the import of live animals is subject to control by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (Opens a new window) .

Q.3What are the declaration requirements if I bring into (import) or take out (export) of HKSAR my personal baggage?

As stipulated in Regulation 3(f) of the Import and Export (Registration) Regulations, Chapter 60E, Laws of Hong Kong (Opens a new window) , articles fall within the condition of "personal baggage including any article which is shown to the satisfaction of the Commissioner to be imported or exported otherwise than for trade or business" are exempted from lodging import or export declaration.

Import and Export Clearance