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Q.1What is the Weights & Measures Ordinance?

The purpose of the Weights and Measures Ordinance, Chapter 68, Laws of Hong Kong (Opens a new window) is to protect consumers against unfair trade practices and short weights and measures in the course of trade. It is an offence under this Ordinance for any person who possesses, manufactures, supplies and uses false or defective weighing and measuring equipment for the purpose of trade. It also prohibits the sales of goods by weight or measure in the course of trade otherwise than by net weight or measure. For details, you can purchase a copy of the Ordinance by calling the Publications Sales Unit of the Information Services Department at (852) 2537 1910; through email to

Q.2How can I know that my weighing equipment is accurate?

For periodical verification and calibration, you may approach any one of the laboratories accredited under the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) administrated by Commissioner for Innovation and Technology. For enquiry, please call Innovation and Technology Commission at (852) 2829 4830 or visit its website at (Opens a new window) .

Q.3Does the Government impose any restrictions on using any particular kind of weighing equipment for the purpose of trade?

No, as long as the weighing equipment uses metric, British Imperial or Chinese units as units of measures, they can be used for the purpose of trade.

Weights and Measures