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Q.1Are there any channels for the public to check whether the items carried are prohibited / controlled items?

Yes. The public can check the relevant information via the following means:

  • This homepage;
  • Customs enquiry hotline (852) 2815 7711;
  • Pamphlets "Customs Declaration Guidelines on Red and Green Channel" distributed at all entry points; or
  • "Display boxes and posters at all entry points".
Q.2What can a passenger do if he / she enters the Green Channel and finds he / she has goods to declare?

The Department places posters along the Green Channel to remind incoming passengers that they are passing through a channel specifically designed for those who have nothing to declare. Those who have goods to declare should immediately leave for the Red Channel and / or seek assistance from Customs officers.

Q.3Will Customs officers intercept passengers for examination at the Green Channel?

Passengers entering the Green Channel are not exempted from Customs examination.

Q.4Will Customs officers ask passengers who use the Green Channel if they have anything to declare?

It is not necessary to do so. Under the Red & Green Channel System, a passenger who chooses to use the Green Channel means he / she has made a Customs declaration that he / she has no controlled items or excessive dutiable goods.

Q.5Are passengers liable to prosecution if they declare having possession of prohibited / controlled items at the Red Channel?

Passengers importing prohibited / controlled goods are required to produce a valid licence or permit. Failing which, they may be liable to prosecution and the prohibited / controlled goods may be seized.

Q.6Should all passengers carrying dutiable commodities select the Red Channel to make declaration?

No. Passengers should use the Red Channel to make declaration to Customs officers only if they bring in:

  • dutiable commodities not entitled to duty-free concession;
  • dutiable commodities exceeding the exempted quantities;
  • any prohibited / controlled items.
Q.7Are passengers required to complete a declaration form to the Department?

The Department does not require passengers to complete declaration forms.

Red & Green Channel System