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Q.1Is there any legislative control on the carriage of vehicles, vehicle parts and outboard engines exceeding 111.9 kilowatts (150 horsepower) by vessels in the waters of Hong Kong?

A 'Carriage Licence for Prescribed Articles' is required for the carriage of any of the above-mentioned articles (Prescribed Articles) by a vessel which is under 250 gross tons in the waters of Hong Kong.

There is no licensing requirement for the carriage of (Prescribed Articles) by aircraft or by road transport.

Q.2Where can I apply for the 'Carriage Licence for Prescribed Articles'?

Applications should be made to:
Customs and Excise Department
Licence Unit
Office of Dutiable Commodities Administrations
3/F, Customs Headquarters Building
222 Java Road, North Point
Hong Kong
(Tel no. 3759 2394)

For details, please also visit "Prescribed Articles".

Prescribed Articles