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29 December 2012 2 800 Youth Ambassadors and I Pledge members join hands to protect intellectual property rights (with photo)
24 December 2012 Hong Kong Customs detects the first milk powder smuggling case at Shenzhen Bay Control Point (with photos)
24 December 2012 Hong Kong Customs seizes heroin at airport (with photo)
21 December 2012 Consultative forums on draft Enforcement Guidelines of Amendment Ordinance (with photo)
19 December 2012 Customs alerts public to unsafe dining tables (with photos)
19 December 2012 Customs smashes illicit cigarette smuggling case in Lok Ma Chau (with photos)
18 December 2012 HK and Korean Customs sign agreed minutes for closer co-operation (with photo)
18 December 2012 Customs seizes electronic products in anti-smuggling operations (with photos)
15 December 2012 Customs smashes speedboat smuggling case with seizure of live turtles and snakes (with photos)
13 December 2012 Shop owner fined for operating money service without licence
13 December 2012 Customs smashes two illicit cigarette smuggling cases (with photos)
13 December 2012 Customs presents Authorized Economic Operator certificates to five companies (with photo)
7 December 2012 Customs and Marine Police smash speedboat smuggling case (with photos)
7 December 2012 Customs investigates vehicle distributors suspected to have contravened Motor Vehicles (First Registration Tax) Ordinance
7 December 2012 Public Consultation on draft Enforcement Guidelines of Trade Descriptions (Unfair Trade Practices)(Amendment) Ordinance 2012 (with photo)

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