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28 February  2013 Hong Kong Customs seized 8.2 kg Cocaine at Airport (with photo)
27 February  2013 Customs reminds public of new regulation on export of powdered formula from HK (with photos)
27 February  2013 Customs cracks illicit cigarette distribution case in Yuen Long (with photo)
27 February  2013 Customs seizes 2.1 kg of cocaine at airport (with photo)
25 February  2013 Hong Kong Customs detects two smuggling cases of powdered formula at land boundary control points (with photo)
25 February  2013 Hong Kong Customs seizes methamphetamine at Lo Wu Control Point (with photo)
23 February  2013 Hong Kong Customs seizes 2.5 kg of cocaine (with photos)
8 February  2013 Customs alerts parents to unsafe toys (with photos)
8 February  2013 HK Customs successfully prosecutes smuggling syndicate through evidence-taking hearing in Mainland
6 February  2013 Customs spares no effort in combating illegal activities and protecting consumer rights (with photo)
5 February  2013 Customs inspections at Lunar New Year Fairs
5 February  2013 Hong Kong Customs seizes cocaine at airport (with photos)
1 February  2013 Hong Kong Customs seizes cocaine at airport (with photo)

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