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Date Title
22 March 2011 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies Annual Conference (English Only)
19 October 2010 Opening Ceremony of the 2010 International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property Crime Conference (English Only)
19 January 2009 International Customs Day
26 October 2007 At Customs Officers' passing-out parade
18 June 2007 Vinexpo 2007 (English Only)
10 June 2004 1st Meeting of WCO Contact Points for Anti-Cigarette Smuggling Operations in Asia Pacific Region on 10 June 2004
28 April 2003 CSIS Conference of the Securing Asia's Transportation Infrastructure - Hong Kong, China's Experiences (English Only)
11 March 2003 Opening Ceremony of the Lok Ma Chau Control Point Inbound and Outbound X-ray Vehicle Inspection Buildings
17 August 2001 Function jointly hosted by the Motion Picture Association, Hong Kong Theatres Association and the Motion Picture Association Asia Pacific Operations to thank the Customs and Excise Department for the pro-active combat against film and audio/video piracy
17 July 2001 Seminar on IPR Protection for the WCO Asia Pacific Region
25 April 2001 First Asia CyberCrime Summit
24 April 2001 Welcome Dinner Reception hosted by HICA for the APEC SCCP Seminar on the WCO Immediate Release Guidelines
19 April 2001 Address at the Visit of the Guangdong Customs Anti-smuggling Fleet to Hong Kong Customs Marine Base
6 April 2001 Address to MBA Students in the Executive Development Series of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
12 January 2001 Opening Ceremony of the Kwai Chung Customhouse
23 November 2000 Seminar on Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 2000
21 November 2000 Welcoming Dinner for the 2nd Meeting of the European Commission / Hong Kong, China Joint Customs Cooperation Committee (English Only)
28 October 2000 "HK Family Letter"
23 October 2000 Opening Ceremony of the WCO RCP Meeting
3 October 2000 Seminar hosted by the Hong Kong Association in New York, USA
29 September 2000 Luncheon with the New America Foundation in Washington DC, USA
29 September 2000 International Air Cargo Forum 2000 in Washington DC, USA
26 September 2000 Luncheon organized by The Hong Kong Association of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA
11 August 2000 Meeting with Thai Customs in Bangkok, Thailand
12 July 2000 Meeting with French Customs in Paris, France
2 June 2000 MTV-Billboard Asian Music Conference
1 June 2000 Presentation Ceremony of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
14 April 2000 Meeting with Australian Customs in Melbourne, Australia
14 April 2000 Substantial gains to Hong Kong
30 March 2000 Presentation in the "Leading with a Vision" Workshop

Significant Speeches by the Commissioner