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Address at the Visit of the Guangdong Customs Anti-smuggling Fleet to Hong Kong Customs Marine Base

19 April 2001

Director General LIU, colleagues of Guangdong Customs, 
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today I am greatly honoured by the visit of the Guangdong Customs delegation, headed by Director General LIU, to our Marine Base at Stonecutters Island.

This is the first-ever visit paid by Guangdong Customs Anti-smuggling Fleet to Hong Kong, which marked a milestone in the local history. Among the launches in the fleet, Patrol Boat No. 902 is particularly well-known in the Mainland, not only for its brilliant achievements, but also for its frequent use to receive national leaders. It is really a valuable opportunity for us to see the Fleet today. 

After our return to China, Guangdong and Hong Kong Customs officials have further taken a great leap forward in experience sharing and views exchanging, establishing even closer ties over the already solid historical foundation. For example, the Maritime Anti-smuggling Division of Shenzhen Customs organized two Speedboat Training Courses for our officers not long ago, and we had run a ten-day Marine Anti-smuggling Course for Guangdong Customs officers last October. These courses further enhanced our understanding of the anti-smuggling modes and operations of each other.

This visit of Guangdong Customs is brief but significant. On behalf of all the staff of the Hong Kong Customs, I wish you good health and all the best! 

Thank you. 

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