Module 10 Business Partner Security

The accreditation criterion, “Business Partner Security”, aims to strengthen the international supply chain security through the commitments of business partners. A company shall select business partners through screening, require business partners to agree on security terms and review performance of business partners regularly. These requirements shall be laid down as written procedures. Business partners include conveyance contractors, warehouse contractors, freight forwarders or other contractors related to the supply chain.

Before entering into contractual relations with business partners, the company shall evaluate their security standards in areas like cargo handling, premises management, employee screening, internal audit, etc. The company shall assure that the contractors are in compliance with the requirements of HKAEO Programme with relevant evaluation records properly stored.

When entering into contractual relations, the company shall incorporate security requirements into the contracts or request business partners to sign security declarations with a view to ascertain the security compliance of the business partners.

Lastly, the company shall review the performance of business partners regularly to see if they are in compliance with the security terms agreed, and to follow up mitigation measures implemented for any previous unconformities.