Module 11 Security Education and Training

The accreditation criterion, “Security Education and Training”, aims to ensure that staff are aware of a company’s security policies through a training system and thus guarantee the effective execution of the policies.

The company shall provide security training to staff regularly, particularly those engaging in tasks associated with the international supply chain activities. For examples, providing premises and cargo security training to warehouse workers, providing premises and conveyance security training to drivers, etc. The company shall arrange training like classes, online courses and workshops, for its staff to learn and revise the relevant security policies.

Supervisors shall work out training schedules to ensure their subordinates have attended the relevant security training. Training records and handouts shall be properly kept for reference as well.

The company shall also keep staff aware of the security policies through different communication channels such as bulletin notices, intranet announcements and morning assemblies, which could also serve as the channels for emergency announcements in case incidents happened.