Module 7 Personnel Security

The accreditation criterion, “Personnel Security”, requires a company to have an effective employee management system ensuring various policies and procedures of the company are thoroughly carried out, the standards of internal management and the security of the supply chain are alleviated.

Starting with the recruitment process, the company shall require prospective staff to declare any previous convictions and give their consents for verifying any declared work experiences with previous employers.

The conviction declaration mechanism shall apply to current staff as well. The company shall require current staff to immediately report to the management of any convictions. They shall also be reminded of relevant requirements and procedures regularly.

There shall be a procedure in place to ensure all company keys, staff cards and items like company computers to be collected from staff prior to any terminations. The authorization to gain access to premises and information systems shall also be cancelled immediately upon termination to protect its assets and information.

Lastly, the company shall appoint designated staff to manage and execute the aforesaid policies and measures. Respective personnel records shall also be securely stored to prevent unauthorized access.