Module 8 Cargo Security

The accreditation criterion, “Cargo Security”, aims to ensure the integrity and security of cargo. To prevent cargo from being tampered, a company shall devise security procedures on cargo related aspects, such as cargo handling, on-site supervision, and regular audit. Alternatively, it can add these cargo security elements within its existing cargo handling guidelines.

For example, the procedures for releasing and receiving of cargo shall include processes like counter checking of shipping documents with electronic records, inspection of cargo, etc. Designated staff shall be deployed to monitor and supervise the processes and record the relevant cargo inspection results. At the same time, the identities of the persons involved in the processes, such as representatives of the suppliers or clients, transport personnel, staff handling the cargo, staff supervising the process, etc., shall be recorded as well.

To ensure the security and integrity of cargo, the inner and outer structures of conveyances must be thoroughly inspected prior to the loading of cargo. In the case of a cargo container, the top, bottom, left, right and end sides of the container, the inner and outer of the doors, the external and chassis of the trailer must be inspected. A security seal shall be applied to the container upon the completion of loading. The inspection results, security seal information and the identity of staff applying the seal shall be properly recorded as well.

The company shall also conduct inventory checks to monitor the status of cargo being stored regularly on items like categories, quantities, weights, storage locations, etc.

At last, the company shall devise irregularity handling and reporting procedures to handle situations like the discovery of suspicious cargo, lost cargo, damaged security seals, accidents during conveyance, discovery of suspicious intruders, etc.