As a voluntary partnership initiative, the Hong Kong AEO Programme is largely built on traders' commitment to supply chain security. The Customs and Excise Department will monitor the continuous compliance of the relevant standards by the accredited companies.


A company will be granted a Hong Kong AEO certificate upon successful accreditation. The accredited company should ensure the maintenance of appropriate standards granted in the AEO certification. Non-compliance with the standards should be reported to the Department. Any changes to the company's business that may affect its AEO status should be notified as well.

Validity, Renewal and Withdrawal

A Hong Kong AEO certification is valid for three years. The company can renew its certification by writing to the Department six months before the expiry of its AEO status. Likewise, the company can lodge a written request for withdrawal from the Programme anytime. The AEO status and associated benefits will be removed upon its withdrawal.

Renewal Application for the Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operator (HKAEO) Programme
Withdrawal Application for the Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operator (HKAEO) Programme

Suspension and Revocation

The Department may suspend a company's AEO status on several occasions, including non-compliance with the criteria for the AEO certification; existence of non-rectified security weaknesses or commission of a Customs offence.

In addition, an AEO status can be revoked if the company fails to make necessary rectifications after a suspension of status or has committed a serious Customs offence. Upon revocation, the company will have its AEO status and associated benefits removed and may not re-apply for AEO certification within two years.