AEO Blogger – 6th episode released

26 Apr 2021

To facilitate traders’ understanding of the concrete benefits reaped from the Hong Kong Authorized Economic Programme (HKAEO Programme), the Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) has produced AEO Bloggers inviting representatives from HKAEOs to share their experience on how the Programme helps their enterprises for upgrading and enhancing their internal management, supply chain security and exploring regional and global markets.

C&ED invited Mr. Paul Tai, Regional Managing Director of Asia, Mainetti (HK) Limited, accredited as HKAEO in 2020, to share his experience in the latest episode. Being the top management of a medium-sized company, Mr. Tai stated that attaining the highly recognizable AEO status can gain great confidence from customers. At the same time, by joining the HKAEO Programme, the supply chain security level of the company can be enhanced and enable them to utilize the unique advantage of Hong Kong in dealing with inbound and outbound products which they can deliver goods to the markets of the Greater Bay Area efficiently.

The AEO Blogger video has been uploaded to the C&ED YouTube channel. OSCS will continue to promote HKAEO Programme via different publicity channels. Please stay tuned.

YouTube link for AEO Blogger - 6th episode

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