Workshop for HKAEO Application

27 Sep 2018

The Office of Supply Chain Security Management (OSCS) organized a workshop for 34 company representatives from 15 prospective HKAEO applicants on 27 September 2018 at Customs Headquarters Building, with an aim to introduce the accreditation process and criteria in details, as well as to further enhance their readiness for HKAEO accreditation.

OSCS officers provided an in-depth analysis of the 12 security criteria of the HKAEO Programme and gave them guidance for preparation of standard operation procedures, live records and manuals.

The workshop provided solid and focused knowledge to prospective HKAEO applicants and enabled them to have a better preparation at early stage which pave the way for more efficient application and a shortened processing time afterwards. Participants found the workshop helpful for their preparation of HKAEO application. OSCS will continue maintain close contact with the stakeholders and organize various workshops and seminars for promotion.

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