Launching of AEO iPASS - Green pass towards global business opportunities

19 Feb 2021

Under the Smart Customs Blueprint and the elevated Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operator Programme (HKAEO Programme) towards 2.0 generation, Office of Supply Chain Security Management (OSCS) launched an online self-assessment tool, namely AEO iPASS via the Customs and Excise Department website (Opens a new window) today (19 Feb 2021).

AEO iPASS enables local companies which are interested to become a HKAEO to perform a quick and simple self-assessment on its supply chain security level and realize its readiness to apply for the HKAEO status. The self-assessment tool enlists the required documents and standards upon the accreditation criteria in detail. By spending 15-20 minutes to complete the assessment, traders will receive a general grading (in green, amber or red) and a score (ranges from 0 to 100) according to its supply chain security level and the readiness to apply for HKAEO status. Professional Customs advice will be displayed instantly on specific areas which may require improvement. Corresponding training materials will also be provided to facilitate the traders to enhance the supply chain security at their convenience.

With AEO iPASS, local enterprises, especially Small and Medium Enterprises, can have an easier and quicker way to better understand the HKAEO accreditation requirements and hence get better prepared for the formal AEO application, enabling them to join the global AEO family towards unlimited business opportunities.

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