Innovative approach outreaching local traders in the time of pandemic

13 May 2020

Under the anti-epidemic period, Office of Supply Chain Security Management (OSCS) of Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department co-organized with Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) a live-streaming webinar workshop today (13 May 2020) on “Overcoming Adversity towards Global Trade: Introduction of HKAEO Programme and SME Export Marketing Fund”.

The webinar workshop is OSCS’s first-ever attempt outreaching local traders for introducing HKAEO Programme without the involvement of public gathering. Around 300 audiences attended the workshop with overwhelming responses.

During the workshop, representative from OSCS gave an in-depth presentation on the latest development of the HKAEO Programme and the application procedure on applying the programme. SMEs could grasp this opportunity to equip themselves by joining the HKAEO Programme to enjoy the trade facilitation benefits and to explore overseas business opportunities by enhancing their marketability and competitiveness. The webinar workshop was available on the HKTDC YouTube Channel which can be assessed through the following link.

YouTube link for webinar workshop

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