Sharing at Small and Medium Enterprises Committee meeting

12 May 2020

The Small and Medium Enterprises Committee (the Committee) is established to advise the Chief Executive on issues affecting the development of small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong and to suggest measures to support and facilitate their development and growth. Officer from the Office of Supply Chain Security Management (OSCS) of Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) delivered an in-depth presentation on Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operator (HKAEO) Programme today (12 May 2020) during the Committee meeting, aiming at aiding SMEs to enhance their competitiveness and explore overseas markets.

Representative from OSCS introduced to the Committee members the latest development of the HKAEO Programme and the 2-tiered certification regime that was specially designed for SMEs. Under the 2-tiered certification regime, SMEs could be more accessible to attain the HKAEO status and enjoy the trade facilitation benefits provided by C&ED and Customs administration of most of Hong Kong’s major trading partners. During the anti-epidemic period, C&ED is still devoted to support SMEs in the path towards a HKAEO.

OSCS will maintain close contact with various industries, so as to strengthen C&ED’s role in facilitating legitimate trade and provide more benefits to the local traders.

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