Training video on the application of HKAEO identification number for clearance benefits in Singapore

31 Mar 2020

Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operators (HKAEO) can enjoy reciprocal customs clearance facilitation including reduced examination and prioritized clearance with the economies concluded Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) with Hong Kong Customs.

To ensure a smooth declaration process in TradeNet system in Singapore, Office of Supply Chain Security Management (OSCS) specially produced a training video demonstrating the procedures to input relevant HKAEO identification number onto the TradeNet declaration system for enjoying MRA benefits in Singapore. For AEO goods heading to Hong Kong, traders should accurately furnish their certified company names and operating addresses in cargo manifests of the conveyances with a view to facilitating the customs clearance system of Hong Kong Customs to provide related clearance benefits.

OSCS will continue to support local traders and get them familiar with customs clearance procedures in order to enjoy clearance facilitation.

Youtube link for training video

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