Seminar on HKAEO Programme – Hong Kong Exporters’ Association ‘Focus on emerging markets in ASEAN Countries along with the Belt and Road opportunities’

19 Sep 2019

To facilitate exporters getting prepare for the ever-changing trading landscape and capturing the opportunities in the belt and road network, officers from the Office of Supply Chain Security Management (OSCS) of Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) participated in the seminar organized by the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association, and delivered an in-depth presentation on Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operator (HKAEO) Programme today (19 September 2019).

Over 50 participants from the local industries attended the seminar with the theme “Focus on emerging markets in ASEAN Countries along with the Belt and Road opportunities”. During the seminar, OSCS officer shared the latest development of HKAEO Programme and introduced how the Programme helps businesses explore the markets in ASEAN and Belt and Road. Besides, Ms. Carol Yim, Assistant Manager of the “Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales” (hereafter as the BUD Fund) from Hong Kong Productivity Council, Mr. Samuel Choi of KVB Kunlun and Mr. Ken Cheung of Mizuho Bank were invited to the seminar as speakers to share the details of BUD Fund as well as the new opportunities and trade tactics of the ASEAN markets respectively.

OSCS will maintain close contact with stakeholders and organize different seminars to promote the HKAEO Programme, so as to strengthen C&ED’s role as Trade Facilitator and Economic Development Promoter in the Belt and Road Region.

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