Application Methods

Method 1: Application should generally be submitted to C&ED at least one calendar day before the arrival of the consignment by completing the application form and providing the supporting documents required. The application form and supporting documents can be submitted through email.
Method 2: Application should generally be submitted to C&ED at least one calendar day before the arrival of the consignment by submitting the electronic application and providing the supporting documents required through the Trade Single Window (TSW).

Based on the mode of transportation and the processing required, C&ED will calculate the fee and issue a General Demand Note to the Applicant or the Applicant settles the fee online. After payment of the fee by the applicant, C&ED will process the application and provide supervision services (if applicable). Upon completion of application processing, a"Certificate of Non-manipulation" will be issued to the Applicant.

The importing signatory countries/region can check the consignments against the information provided on the "Certificate of Non-manipulation" issued by C&ED when considering an application for preferential tariff. Trader has the responsibility to provide the importing signatory countries/region with the Certificate of Non-manipulation or documents supporting their eligibility to apply for preferential tariff.

Free Trade Agreement Transhipment Facilitation Scheme (FTA Scheme) Application Form

Company Registration Scheme (For First Application only)

For the first-time application of the FTA Scheme, an applicant should submit a completed company registration form and a copy of business registration to C&ED for registration. Once registered on the Company Registration Scheme, the applicant does not need to produce any company information or the copy of business registration for C&ED's verification of the company's identity. Yet, the applicant could simply provide the business registration number and the FTA reference for identity verification instead.

Company Registration Form

Supporting Document required for Application

  1. The through bill of lading of the cargo concerned;
  2. Certificate of Origin of the cargo concerned;
  3. Packing list (only applicable to bulk cargo or cargo that needs to be consolidated /vanning / devanning / repacking in HK);
  4. Authorization Letter of the cargo owner (if applicable); and
  5. Other relevant supporting document (if applicable).

Service Fees 

All applications of the FTA Scheme are required to pay for Category D of the following table for documentation processing. For cargo that needs to be consolidated or repacked in Hong Kong, additional fee is required based on different modes of transport and processing methods under Categories A to C as follows:

Category Mode of Transport Processing Method Fee (HK$)
A Consignment arriving by Air/Land/Sea Cargo consolidation
B Consignment arriving by Air Cargo consolidation
(repacking or others)
C Consignment arriving by Land/Sea Cargo consolidation
(repacking or others)
D Consignment arriving by Air/Land/Sea Documentary processing 170
Remarks: For Categories A to C, the above standard fees will be charged on the basis of a continuous service not exceeding 8 hours on each occasion. A standard fee will be charged again if a continuous service exceeds 8 hours.

Submission of Application

Method 1. Email: (for transhipment cargo to the Mainland of China) (for transhipment cargo to other places, currently including Taiwan, Korea and Singapore)
Method 2. Website:

Payment Method

The applicant may choose one of the following methods to settle payment and get a payment receipt:

  1. Pay by cash or cheque at Kwai Chung Customhouse or SuperTerminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport (for application via email only);
  2. At any office of the Hongkong Post (except mobile post office);
  3. At convenience stores specified in the General Demand Note;
  4. At any automated teller machine, i.e. ATM (with the label of "Payment Service" or "JETCO");
  5. Through e-banking;
  6. Through Payment by Phone Service, i.e. PPS by Internet (Merchant Code: 9174); or
  7. Online payment via TSW.
Remarks: (1) The payment receipt should be submitted to C&ED through email as soon as possible to facilitate further processing of application(except online payment via TSW).
  (2) Fees are non-refundable after payment.
  (3) The applicant must present the concerned supporting document for collection of Certificate of Non-manipulation.

1The Mainland Customs may require traders to provide original copy of "Certificate of Non-manipulation" to apply for preferential tariff.