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Documentary inspection

Companies applying for AEO accreditation should provide the following major documents for inspection by Customs officers:-

  1. Application Form (Opens a new window) for the Programme;
  2. Company Profile (an introduction of background and organization, major business activities, operational procedures and security accreditations (if any));
  3. Self-assessment Questionnaire (Opens a new window) ;
  4. Process Map(s) of supply chain [sample (Opens a new window) ]; and
  5. Site Plan(s) of premises [sample (Opens a new window) ]

Applicants should submit the above documents in one of the following ways:-

In person or by post:     Customs and Excise Department
    Office of Trade Relations and Public Communication
    Room 3219, 32/F
    Customs Headquarters Building
    222 Java Road, North Point
    Hong Kong
Online application:     Online Application Form (Opens a new window)
Enquiry E-mail:

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Joint validation

Apart from documentary inspection, Customs officers will visit a company on different occasions to verify if the information outlined in its application is accurate and implemented. As part of the Customs-to-Business partnership programme, the joint validation will enable the participating company to review its security profile with the assistance of the Customs officers.

Validation will include the verification of supply chain security processes and procedures that a company agrees to perform under the auspices of the Programme. Reliability and effectiveness of key security measures will be evaluated with reference to risk management principles, whereas best practices for securing supply chain will be shared during the validation.

The company will be notified by the Customs and Excise Department in advance of the validation along with the need for supporting documentation. If situation requires, selective validation on the company's business partners may be arranged.

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Duration of accreditation

The Department will assess a company's level of compliance with the accreditation criteria and give advice for rectification whenever appropriate. The duration of accreditation process will depend on the completeness of information submitted to the Department, the complexity of a company's business operations and the number of sites where joint validation will be conducted.

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AEO certification

Accredited local companies will be granted an AEO certificate with a validity of three years.

Application Procedures