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To fine-tune the application procedures of the FTA Scheme, C&ED has launched the Company Registration Scheme and E-processing system under this Scheme.

  1. Company Registration Scheme
    For the first-time application of the FTA Scheme, an applicant should submit a completed company registration form and a copy of business registration to C&ED for registration. Once registered on the Company Registration Scheme, the applicant does not need to produce any company information or the copy of business registration for C&ED’s verification of the company’s identity. Yet, the applicant could simply provide the business registration number and the FTA reference for identity verification instead.

    [Company Registration Form]

  2. E-processing System
    In order to simplify the application and handling procedures of the FTA Scheme, C&ED has launched the E-processing System and revamped the application form of the FTA Scheme. The E-processing System would help C&ED to manage the information of transhipment cargo more effectively and streamline the application procedures for the applicant. The new application form has been uploaded onto this webpage, applicants are only required to fill in the information of transhipment cargo and submit the application form (in Excel Format) together with copies of the supporting documents to C&ED through email.

    [New application form]

For details, please refer to the following link:

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