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No person shall manufacture pre-recorded or blank optical discs in except with a valid licence issued under section 3 of the Prevention of Copyright Piracy Ordinance, Chapter 544, Laws of Hong Kong (Opens a new window) . It is also stipulated under section 4 (Opens a new window) that no licensee shall manufacture optical discs in any place other than a licensed premises.

Optical disc manufacturers are also required to mark on the read-through side of every disc with a manufacturer's code assigned by the Commissioner of Customs & Excise to indicate its source of production. The code must be etched, engraved or otherwise indelibly marked in such manner that the manufacturer's code is legible upon a visual examination of the optical disc.

Any persons applying for a licence for the manufacture of optical discs should complete Form CED 361 (Opens a new window) / Online Form. The Form is obtainable at:

Customs and Excise Department
Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau
Intellectual Property Licensing and Liaison Division
3/F, Customs Headquarters Building
222 Java Road, North Point
Hong Kong

The completed Form should be submitted in person or by registered post to the above address. A drop-in box is also available there for the collection of forms outside office hours.

Licence fee

The licence fee is $5,500 and is valid for a period not exceeding 3 years from the date of payment.

Processing Applications and Factory Inspection

After an applicant submits the application form and all necessary supporting documents, the Intellectual Property Licensing and Liaison Division of the Department will contact him/her within one week for making an appointment for inspection of manufacturing premises.

Under normal circumstances, an applicant will be informed of the result within 14 working days from the date of submission of his / her application. He / She will be notified for collection of the licence once it is available.

Register on Optical Disc Manufacturers Licence holders

The Register on the Licensees is available here (Opens a new window) .


Tel :   (852) 2851 1625
Fax :   (852) 2716 3261


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Licence for the Manufacture of Optical Discs / Stampers