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C&ED further extended the facilitation under the Intermodal Transhipment Facilitation Scheme (ITFS) by launching the Single E-lock Scheme (SELS) together with the Mainland Customs on 28 March 2016. Under the SELS, ITFS is interconnected with the Speedy Customs Clearance System(SCC System) of the Mainland Customs to build a “green lane” for facilitating logistics flow through seamless clearance service. One single e-lock and the technology of GPS as accredited by both Customs authorities are applied under the SELS on the principle of “Across the Boundary with One Single E-lock under Separate Monitoring” and hence duplicate inspection on the same shipment by both Customs authorities at the boundary would be reduced, which helps to streamline the clearance process and expedite the flow of transhipment cargoes.

Participation in the SELS is voluntary. Shippers or carriers who wish to join the SELS are required to register with the ITFS of C&ED and the SCC System of the Mainland Customs and install the e-lock and GPS equipment accredited by both Customs authorities on their vehicles.

The SELS was awarded the “Meritorious Award of the Departmental Service Enhancement Award” (Large Department category) in the “Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme 2017” organized by Civil Service Bureau.

A video on the Single E-lock Scheme
A video on the Single E-lock Scheme


Items in the coverage of both ITFS of C&ED and SCC System of the Mainland Customs (Opens a new window) can be transhipped under the SELS.


Pamphlet of the SELS (Only available in Chinese) (Opens a new window)

Clearance Points under the SELS

Currently, the Single E-lock Scheme has been extended to cover 62 clearance points in Guangdong province of Mainland China. Together with the 13 clearance points in Hong Kong, the Scheme provides the trade with 806 routes for conveying transshipment cargo across the boundaries.

Clearance Points in Hong Kong

  1. Air Mail Centre
  2. Asia Airfreight Terminal
  3. Asia Container Terminals
  4. Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal
  5. COSCO-HIT Terminals
  6. DHL Central Asia Hub
  7. DP World
  8. Hong Kong International Airport Express Cargo Terminal
  9. Hong Kong International Terminals
  10. Kwai Chung Customhouse
  11. Modern Terminals
  12. River Trade Terminal
  13. Super Terminal 1

Clearance Points in Mainland China

Only available in Chinese

Crossing control points under the SELS

Users who joined the SELS can cross the boundary via the following control points:

  1. Heung Yuen Wai Control Point
  2. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port
  3. Lok Ma Chau Control Point
  4. Man Kam To Control Point
  5. Sha Tau Kok Control Point
  6. Shenzhen Bay Control Point

Single E-Lock and GPS Equipment

In addition to the operation of mechanical lock, the multiple flow control processes of e-lock is a distinctive feature that enables separate monitoring of Customs authorities in absolute integrity yet independent from each other so as to ensure seamless and secured monitoring when the transhipment cargo is conveyed across the boundary. Taking an example of Air-Land northbound transshipment mode, the transshipment cargoes arriving Hong Kong by air will be loaded to a cross-boundary vehicle after Customs clearance. An e-lock affixed to the vehicle will be automatically activated and GPS equipment will be used for tracking the movement of the vehicle to ensure the security of the cargoes during the journey within the Hong Kong territory. If no irregularities are detected during the journey, the e-lock will be automatically deactivated at the exit point. The e-lock will be automatically activated again after passing through the entry point of Mainland China. Upon arrival at the clearance point of the Mainland under the SELS, the e-lock will be deactivated.

C&ED welcomes all shippers or carriers to join the SELS. Prior registration of participating vehicles with Hong Kong and Mainland Customs authorities is necessary. The vehicles concerned should be equipped with e-lock and GPS accredited by both Customs authorities. Vehicles registered under the SELS are also subject to inspection by C&ED.

Suppliers of Single E-lock and GPS Equipment

The following models of e-lock/GPS equipment have been approved by C&ED to be acceptable for use under the SELS:

Supplier:   Long Sun Logistics Development Limited
  Room 909-910, 9/F, Dominion Centre, 43-59 Queens Road East,
  Wanchai, Hong Kong
  [Telephone: (852) 3421 0228 / 6951 7006]
  [Fax: (852) 3426 3666]

Model no.:
LX-08-II C (E-Lock)
LX-08-II C (E-Lock)
LX-06-II H (GPS device)
LX-06-II H (GPS device)

Unless otherwise stated in specific circumstances, C&ED welcomes interested parties to join the fleet of accredited SELS equipment suppliers for making accreditation arrangement and supplying equipment to the participants under the SELS.

Current Participants of the SELS

  1. Asia Airfreight Services Limited
  2. Cathay Pacific Services Limited
  3. China Post Hong Kong Limited
  4. DHL Aviation (Hong Kong) Limited
  5. EAS Da Tong International Trucking Company Limited
  6. Federal Express (Hong Kong) Limited
  7. Hong Kong Air Cargo Industry Services Limited
  8. Hutchison Logistics (HK) Limited
  9. S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited;
  10. TNT Express Worldwide (HK) Limited
  11. Transhub Limited

Criteria for Enrolment and Registration

Participation in the SELS is voluntary. Parties wishing to join the SELS shall fulfill the following requirements:

Costs to Participants

C&ED will not impose any charge on participants. However, suppliers of e-lock and GPS equipment may impose a service charge for the use of such equipment on vehicles. Please consult individual e-lock supplier for the service charge.


Address: Rm 3005, 30/F, Customs Headquarters Building, 222 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong (Attention: ITFS/SELS Unit)

Tel: (852) 3669 0000 (24-hour hotline)


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