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Any persons importing motor vehicles for their own use and not for sale are not required to register as importers.

However, they are still required to submit Import Returns (CED 336) (Opens a new window) and Declaration Forms (CED 336A) (Opens a new window) together with copies of supporting documents (Opens a new window) within 30 days of the importation of the motor vehicle to:

Motor Vehicles Valuation Group
Customer Service Centre
3/F, Customs Headquarters Building
222 Java Road, North Point
Hong Kong

or, submit the application through the Motor Vehicles First Registration Tax System website.

To avoid unnecessary delay caused by miscommunication, the Department may contact the applicant concerned in case he/she does not submit supplementary document/information required for Customs verification after a prolonged period of time.

Please see "Notes on Importing Motor Vehicles for Personal Use (Opens a new window) " for details.


Please download the Adobe Acrobat Reader (Opens a new window) to view the PDF document.

Importing for Personal Use