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The provisional taxable value of a motor vehicle will be assessed by adding up the purchase price, insurance and freight charges, brokerage / agency fees and repair charges related to the purchase and importation of the motor vehicle as declared by the importer. Where the declared value is considered not reflecting the market value of the vehicle, the Department may determine other value as taxable value having regard to, but not limited to :

Where the declared value is considered reflecting the market value of the vehicle and the vehicle was registered in the name of the applicant in a place outside Hong Kong before its importation into Hong Kong, depreciation for the vehicle may be allowed, provided that valid documentary proof like overseas registration / certificate is produced* by the applicant to the satisfaction of this Department. Its calculation is based upon the period from the date of its registration in a place outside Hong Kong to the date of its importation into HKSAR:

After the assessment of provisional taxable value, an applicant will be issued with a "Notification of Provisional Taxable Value" for production to the Transport Department for calculation and collection of the first registration tax.

*As verification of the document with overseas issuing authority may be required, processing time of an application with depreciation of taxable value of the vehicle claimed will be longer.

Classes of Motor Vehicles and Rate of Tax (Opens a new window)

(Please refer to the Notice on First Registration Tax for Motor Vehicles (Opens a new window) issued by Transport Department for new rates of private cars with effect from 23 February 2011.)

Please see Section B - Filing of Import Return by Motor Vehicle Importer of the leaflet "Notes to Motor Vehicle Importer/Distributor (Opens a new window) " for details.


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Motor Vehicles Valuation