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Who requires a licence

Any persons who import, export, manufacture or store any dutiable commodities are required to have relevant licences issued by the Department.

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Types and Fees

TypeAnnual Fee
I.Import and Export
  - Import and Export Licence $1,320
  - Special Import Licence (for hydrocarbon oil) $1,320
  - General Bonded Warehouse Licence $26,800
  - Public Bonded Warehouse Licence $26,800
  - Licensed Warehouse Licence $26,800
  - Hydrocarbon Oil Manufacturer's Licence $24,650
  - Tobacco Manufacturer's Licence $22,700
  - Liquor Manufacturer's Licence $22,700
  - Distillery Licence $22,700
  - Still (for educational, scientific or charitable institution approved by Financial Secretary) Free of Charge
Other Fees
  - For every amendment of licence particular $620
  - For every replacement of licence $200

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How to apply

An applicant shall submit licence applications, including application for a new licence, renewal of a licence, amendment of licence particulars or cancellation of a licence, through the Dutiable Commodities System (DCS) at the website: (Opens a new window) . If necessary, please visit the DCS website to obtain relevant information.

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Notes to Applicants

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Tel   :    (852) 3759 2398
Fax   :    (852) 2542 4660
Email   :

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