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Dec 2022 Vol. 66
Dec 2022 Vol. 66
Staff Corner

New Generation of Trade Controls Branch

The Assistant Trade Controls Officer Induction Course (ATCOIC) of the Department is the first ever civilian law enforcement induction course qualified for accreditation at Qualifications Framework Level 5 in Hong Kong. In this article, Wu Yee-shan (Carol) of Batch 84 Assistant Trade Controls Officer (ATCO) interviewed two young graduates of the Batch 85 ATCO, Leung Sai-mui (Ingrid) and Ho Wai-lok (Vincent), who shared their training experiences as well as gains during the ATCOIC.

When Ingrid was in university, she once encountered unfair sales practices. Fortunately, she came across the Department' s publicity campaign and avoided being deceived and suffered no loss at all. She learnt later that the work of the Trade Controls Branch was very meaningful and challenging, so she applied for the post of ATCO in a recruitment exercise. She felt lucky to have learnt the Chinese-style foot drill and realized the importance of team spirit and also the Department's patriotism and nationalism. She would bear in mind at all time the vision of the Department and do her best to be a competent ATCO.

Vincent said that the ATCOIC covered both law enforcement skills and leadership exercises, and laid a solid foundation for future law enforcement duties. The most unforgettable experience for him was the 3-day, 2-night team building activity. It gave him a taste of the professionalism of the Trade Controls Branch members who need to do their best to accomplish every single task under any harsh environment. He hoped to continue to improve his personal ability as well as professionalism so as to perform properly the work of trade controls and protecting consumer rights.

二○二二年新入職的學員梁細妹在訪問中分享受訓期間的點滴與得著。 New recruit Leung Sai-mui shared her training experience during the interview.

胡綺珊(左)訪問二○二二年新入職的學員何偉諾(右)(第85屆)。 Wu Yee-shan (left) interviewed new recruit Ho Wai-lok (right) of Batch 85 ATCOIC.