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Dec 2022 Vol. 66
Dec 2022 Vol. 66
Departmental Highlights

New Organisational Structure

Introducing the new senior management of C&ED: following the creation of an additional Deputy Commissioner post in July 2022, there are two Deputy Commissioners assisting the Commissioner in handling departmental affairs at present, underpinned by four Assistant Commissioners and one Senior Principal Trade Controls Officer.

Mr Lai Lau-pak was promoted to Deputy Commissioner (Management and Strategic Development) and Ms Tam So-ying assumed the post of Assistant Commissioner (Administration and Human Resource Development).

海關關長何珮珊(前排中間)與副關長陳子達(前排左一)、副關長黎流栢(前排右一)、助理關長譚溢強(後排右三)、助理關長吳潔貞(後排左二)、助理關長胡偉軍(後排左一)、助理關長譚素瑩(後排右二)及高級首席貿易管制主任李民佳(後排右一)合照。 Commissioner of Customs and Excise, Ms Ho Pui-shan (front row, centre), was pictured with Deputy Commissioner, Mr Chan Tsz-tat (front row, first left), Deputy Commissioner, Mr Lai Lau-pak (front row, first right), Assistant Commissioner, Mr Tam Yat-keung (back row, third right), Assistant Commissioner, Ms Ng Kit-ching (back row, second left), Assistant Commissioner, Mr Woo Wai-kwan (back row, first left), Assistant Commissioner, Ms Tam So-ying (back row, second right) and Senior Principal Trade Controls Officer, Mr Li Man-kai (back row, first right).