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Date Subject
29 April 2019 Seminar on HKAEO Programme - Hong Kong Trade Development Council ‘Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair’
16 April 2019 Hong Kong Customs will deliver a keynote speech in Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to explain how HKAEO Programme helps industries to explore Belt and Road market
2 April 2019 Seminar on HKAEO Programme – Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Company Limited
15 March 2019 HKAEO Programme Online Self-learning Kit
13 March 2019 AEO Blogger – 1st episode released
5 March 2019 HKAEO Partnership Scheme Award
1 March 2019 AEO Blogger – Experience sharing with AEOs (with photos)
22 February 2019 Hong Kong AEO Programme extends business opportunities under Greater Bay Area development and Belt and Road Initiative (with photos)
22 February 2019 (Opens a new window) Hong Kong Customs Implements Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Authorized Economic Operators with New Zealand Customs for Sea Cargo
14 February 2019 HKAEO Programme promotion at various platforms
13 December 2018 HKAEO logo – Demonstrate your prestige status
7 Decembar 2018 Seminar on HKAEO Programme – Hong Kong Trade Development Council ‘Smartbiz Expo’
5 December 2018 Seminar on HKAEO Programme – ‘Seminar of Customs Facilitation Schemes’
21 November 2018 AEO prioritized clearance facilities in the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge (HZMB) control point
15 November 2018 Seminar on HKAEO Programme - Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong
23 October 2018 Hong Kong Customs shared the achievements of HKAEO Programme in trade facilitation with the World Trade Organization (WTO)
5 October 2018 Seminar on HKAEO Programme - Federation of Hong Kong Industries Group 21 (Transport & Logistics Services Council)
27 September 2018 Workshop for HKAEO Application
29 June 2018 Hong Kong Customs signs Authorized Economic Operator Mutual Recognition Arrangement with New Zealand and Action Plan with Canada (with photos)

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