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30 April 2014 HK Customs seizes dried abalones in a container from South Africa (with photo)
30 April 2014 Customs smashes suspected sea smuggling case (with photos)
29 April 2014 Customs strengthens enforcement against smuggling of powdered formula by syndicates
25 April 2014 Customs smashes suspected smartphone smuggling case at Sha Tau Kok Control Point (with photos)
24 April 2014 Customs seizes suspected counterfeit oranges in Yuen Long (with photo)
20 April 2014 HK Customs seizes cocaine at airport (with photo)
16 April 2014 Customs smashes illicit cigarette distribution in Sau Mau Ping (with photo)
12 April 2014 Customs seizes 2.2kg of methamphetamine in Tsim Sha Tsui (with photo)
11 April 2014 Customs conducts operations against sale of counterfeit medicines (with photos)
11 April 2014 Public reminded to observe regulation on export of powdered formula for infants and children under 36 months
10 April 2014 Beauty shop violates Trade Descriptions Ordinance by hiding material information
9 April 2014 Hong Kong Customs seizes methamphetamine at Lo Wu Control Point (with photo)
8 April 2014 Hong Kong Customs seizes methamphetamine at Shenzhen Bay Control Point (with photo)
8 April 2014 Customs operation combats sale of infringing books (with photos)
5 April 2014 Hong Kong Customs seizes heroin at Shenzhen Bay Control Point (with photo)
4 April 2014 Customs foils fishing vessel smuggling case (with photos)
2 April 2014 Customs seizes 5.5kg of ketamine in Mong Kok (with photo)
2 April 2014 Customs and Police conduct joint operation against sale of counterfeit goods (with photo)

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